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VINYL Printing & Cutting


When it comes to customized apparel for small orders or multicolor designs vinyl heat transfer and full-color transfers are the best option! With CAD cut transfers, a machine cuts out shapes and letters out of sheets of self-adhesive plastic or vinyl and full-color transfer our high-end printer will print the image and then cut the shape.


This is a popular choice for customized t-shirts, printing by hockey teams and other sports teams, as it is ideal for printing numbers and names onto a single-colour design. This type of printing is the most popular for simple orders with high-impact designs.


Our team works on your design and ensures that it has a clean vector cutline that can be read by the Roland cutter, The vinyl colour of your choice is then loaded into the machine, and our computer scores your design perfectly


Provide your design to print and cut.


Your design is then manually weeded by our team, and is prepped for pressing. “Weeding,” as explained before, describes the process of removing parts of the transfer that are unnecessary in order to remove the negative space from your design. This includes the inside of letters.


Once the cutting and weeding has taken place, the design is then pressed with an industrial heat press to attach the design t your garment permanently.

Designs With Clean, Sharp Lines

Print Excellently

 A wide range of special effects is available thanks to the specialty vinyl media: gloss, metallic, reflective, fluoro and glitter effects can be chosen

Low Setup Costs

 Designs are completed very quickly for small quantity orders, and there are very low set-up costs.

When you repeat an order of a previous design, we don’t charge you a setup fee. Once you have done designs with us before, your design will be forever on file in case you need a new order done

High Quality Result on Almost Every Fabric

It has the ability to produce high quality results on almost any fabric type.

Suitable For Odd Surfaces Like Hat or Sun VIsor

Vinyl transfers can be used to print designs onto surfaces where usual methods are not able to reach like a hat or a sun visor


- Not good for large orders in terms of cost-effectiveness, due to the labour needs of the process
- Because of the cutting process, vinyl transfers are not the best choice for designs with rough, transparent or jagged lines
- Available colour choices are limited to the stock of vinyl that we have. Because of this, colour matches are not always possible
- Designs have to be supplied in vector format or converted to it before they can be cut
- Available colour artwork must be supplied in or converted to a vector format before cutting can take place